Fashion World Tokyo Opens its Gates on 22 of October

2 Shows to cover the supply chain
Based on its successful history, FASHION WORLD TOKYO is now looking to more diversified exhibition to cover the whole fashion supply chain on 22 (Mon) – 24 (Wed) October, 2018 and it is becoming new Asian hub for the professionals in the industry. Its 2018 October show will be titled in 2 groups, FASHION WORLD TOKYO which consists of 5 shows themed each category of fashion item (FASHION WEAR EXPO, BAG EXPO, FASHION JEWELLERY EXPO, SHOES EXPO and MEN’S FASHION EXPO) and FASHION WORLD TOKYO – FACTORY- consists of TEXTILE TOKYO & FASHION SOURCING TOKYO so that more quality business talks will be placed effectively. Since its launch, the show has presented from fashion sourcing to brands exhibits. To clarify this concept, fashion sourcing including textiles, garments and OEM will be covered under FASHION WORKD TOKYO – FACTORY –, while brands from the globe will be showcased inside FASHION WORLD TOKYO. Altogether, 1,030 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors are expected to gather under one roof, looking for new business opportunities!

Best platform for B to B
One of the features that FASHION WORLD TOKYO focuses on is “the BEST business platform.” Show Management has developed various kinds of approaches to make the show fruitful, such as matchmaking services between international exhibitors and domestic visitors, online appointment platform, and more. Such fulfilling quality support systems have gained solid and growing reputation among both exhibitors and visitors. The 2018 October show is not an exception. FASHION WORLD TOKYO, which showcases SS collection of brands, and FASHION WORLD TOKYO – FACTORY -, which exhibits AW textiles, will both offer the best platform in cross-border business thanks to active fulfilling support by Show Management.

Made-in-Japan to Worldwide Brands
The show will gather various kinds of exhibiting products from worldwide. Designers/brands will showcase their proud “Made-in-Japan” products in the Japan’s largest fashion trade show, which, as a result, boasts the unique line-ups not seen in any other shows in the world. For instance, regional municipalities from all over the country will hold their own pavilions fashion to show items made with Japanese “Kawaii” concept. So will Japanese fashion sourcing manufacturers and popular fashion garments/textile companies. It will certainly be the great opportunities for those who are looking for business partners who enable high quality designs.
On the other hand, the show is becoming more international by increasingly accepting worldwide brands worldwide. The themed areas, such as Country Pavilions, European Collection and American Street, will diversify the whole exhibition and attract Japanese/Asian buyers.

New Asian hub for fashion industry
While FASHION WORLD TOKYO is the best gateway to the Japanese market, it is now growing to be a new Asian hub for the fashion industry. In April 2018, the number of international visitors mainly from Asian countries has hit a record high as 1,476 from 44 countries/regions and is expected to reach 2,000 in the October 2018 edition. Premium or world-famous quality buyers/manufacturers will be invited likewise for the last April show. Their enthusiastic participation will lead to the desired outcome and growth of the total fashion business as well as the exhibition.

To exhibit, contact Show Management as soon as possible as the remaining booths are getting limited!
Attn: English: Yuri Terao (Ms.), Etsuyuki Fukaya (Mr.),
Chinese: Ei Iwasaki (Ms.), Korean: Choi Ilyong (Mr.)

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