MOMAD Shoes, Presents the Latest Advances in Sustainable Fashion.

MOMAD Shoes, the biggest footwear trade show in Spain, presents the latest advances in Sustainable fashion.
It will take place in halls 4 and 6 of IFEMA-Feria de Madrid from 22 to 24 September.
TheSustainable Experience space will present the most innovative research and projects that combine technology and sustainability in the footwear sector.
Madrid, 19 September 2017.- Fashion that aims for sustainable solutions which combine financial and environmental benefits, together with a socially responsible attitude, will again have a featured space at the fourth edition of MOMAD Shoes, the International Footwear and Accessories Trade Show, which will take place from 22 to 24 September in halls 4 and 6 of IFEMA.
The event, organised by IFEMA, which acts as a huge showcase and platform for the Spanish footwear trade, will feature companies committed to environmentally-friendly manufacturing and trading. With that in mind, the Sustainable Experience space will offer talks and round tables with the participation of global leaders who will give attendees key information in this field. What’s more, visitors will get to discover the latest collections for the Spring-Summer 2018 season from the sustainable footwear and accessories brands present at the trade show.
Activities at the MOMAD Shoes Forum
The Sustainable Experience activities will take place on the morning of Saturday 23 September as part of the MOMAD Shoes Forum, the trade show exhibition space.

The first talk, How to develop sustainable products and processes in the footwear and accessories industry with the help of CDTI, will feature speaker Sergio Lourenso, chief advisor to the fashion industry of CDTI, who will give advice to companies interested in heading down the road to sustainability.

Next, at the round table Innovation in sustainability applied to footwear, learn about the latest investigation projects into raw materials in the sector and the added value it gives to the final product. Ana Belén Muñoz Milán, Manager of the Environmental Department at INESCOP (Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries) and Marta Calvo Robles, Technical Director at CTCR (Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja) will present the latest advances in this field.

Finally, two companies representing AMSA, the Andalusia Sustainable Fashion Association will share their experiences at the round table Beatriz Constán and The Pez, two sustainable fashion firms with great prospects, where they will talk about what it means for sustainable fashion companies to be association members, and the role that associations play in their careers. They will also go deeper into the manufacturing process of the tapestries and
fabric jewellery of the firm Beatriz Constán, made from leather offcuts, and the cork handbags created by The Pez.

Technology and sustainability
At the CTC stand, in IFEMA hall 4, find out more about the new applications developed by this centre, an international reference in technology and sustainability. They will present the innovative environmentally-friendly projects Coffe Grands[sic] Shoes, Rubbercycle and Quitotec. The first focuses its research on obtaining soles and midsoles with aromatic and antimicrobial properties based on coffee residues left over from the catering and food industries. The second aims at recycling excess vulcanised rubber to be reused in new shoes, cutting on waste by 15%. The third focuses on biotechnology, studying fungus cultivation to prevent microbial growth in footwear components.

INESCOP will present the latest advances in its Lifetan project, part of LIFE, the European Union Climate Change Mitigation Programme. Lifetan is aimed at finding an alternative to tanning with chromium salts. It studies other processes and raw materials or materials obtained from recycling waste from other industries. To give an example, it is involved in researching enzymes from organic bird waste. INESCOP will also show the advantages that their Carbon Footprint tool gives in ecodesign. It makes it possible to predict the environmental impact a product will have, allowing you to minimise its environmental impact. Another interesting feature will be the reuse of footwear remnants as a raw material to manufacture new products.

New collections
At the Sustainable Experience space, you’ll be able to see proposals from the brands MB Mallorca, Nomadic State Of Mind and SK Bags, as well as footwear and accessories collections from companies belonging to AMSA, the Andalusia Sustainable Fashion Association, which will attend the fair representing its sister associations from Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia and Extremadura.