Good Performances of EU Exporters in Technical Textiles and Menswear

Exports of technical textiles outside the EU-28 once again increased year-on-year. This sector is a pillar
of textile exports outside the EU with a 38% share in 2016. This growth translated into almost €10 bn of
exports, an increase of +2.4% in value. With 20% of technical textile purchases from the EU-28, the USA
was far and away the main client.
With a +2% year-on-year increase, menswear exports outside the EU-28 still accounted for 23% of total
clothing exports amounting to more than €5 bn. The leading buyer of menswear, Switzerland, reduced
its purchases in value (-3.9%). There was noteworthy double-digit growth in the value of exports to South
Korea, Australia, Mexico, Serbia, Israel and Ukraine. The three major menswear products for export
were: trousers (32% of category exports), shirts (19%) and coats (17%). Purchases of all three were up
thanks to the weak euro (€).
Furthermore, exports of rugs and carpets outside the EU-28 expanded again strongly in value by +5.5%.
This sector represented 4.3% of all textile exports outside the EU. Customer-wise, the four main buyers
(USA, Switzerland, Norway and Russia) absorbed 49% of exports of rugs and carpets outside the EU.