“Tasarim Agaci” The Design Tree Continues to Support the Producer Woman

The Design Tree; in order to support entrepreneurial women, they are leading that will bring value to the economy by presenting the products of women in the producing society profile, organized by the “Social Responsibility Project” platform concept with holding the woman’s spirit in the foreground.

The project is meeting with thousands of people in huge shopping malls of Turkey under the same roof with textile products, accessories and other handicraft products which are all produced by women entrepreneurs.

The project coordinator Aydan Soyak :
Our purpose is promoting and supporting economically the handicraft arts of our women and to be a part of the chain of society which developing and growing continuously. It also aims to accelerate sales support with strong marketing campaigns and to make handicrafts women stronger by bringing them together with big brands in this way.

In the project, they hand in hand with the “To give value to women is to value the world.”, supported by many famous Turkish artists and writers such as Hulya Avsar, Akasya Asliturkmen, Zafer Ergin, Cemal Hunal, Helin Avsar, Ceyda Duvenci, Aret Vartanyan.
More than 800 exhibitors are preparing to meet more than 25 thousand buyers for the fourth time with Tasarim Agaci.