The Fashion of Meghan Markle

It’s safe to say that Meghan Markle was destined to become a fashion icon. The American actress already had a great sense of style to begin with, but all eyes turned to her fashion picks the moment the Palace announced her engagement to Prince Harry last year. Now, the newly minted Duchess of Sussex is directly influencing the world of fashion and we all can’t get enough of her impeccable style.

Markle’s style has evolved over the years. On the days between her engagement announcement and the royal wedding, the Duchess’ wardrobe choices can be simply described as modern yet down-to-earth. The editors of website Meghan’s Mirror also point out that her style is familiar and can be applied to everyday outfits. “People love that Meghan is so relatable. She is just like us — an American girl from a modern family and a normal upbringing!” 

The new Duchess recently had her first royal engagement with Queen Elizabeth, and the outfit she wore certainly got everyone talking. It was a cream-colored Givenchy sheath dress with another layer that covers the shoulders. Markle paired the dress with black accessories: waist belt, shoes, and purse. A post by Pretty Me explains that white outfits can be complemented by colored accents, in case the white color may be too much. This is exactly what the Duchess did with her sheath dress and it worked wonderfully. The belt smartly wrapped around her waist also helped give the illusion that the dress is not a one-piece.

The Standard reports that the genius behind the dress is Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller, who seems to be Markle’s go-to designer. Keller was also the one who designed the Duchess’ iconic wedding dress, which featured pure white silk material with a shoulder-framing neckline and an A-line silhouette. In fact, the recent cape dress she wore would remind you of the wedding dress, not just because of their similar colors, but also due to both dresses’ elegance and modest charm. 

Meghan Markle’s fashion picks have a direct impact on the fashion industry. These days, any brand she wears is bound to see an uptick in sales. For instance, Quartzy iterates that Hiut Denim had an enviable problem in the form of a three-month backlog of orders after Markle wore one of the brand’s jeans in public. Hiut Denim was a small company and was used to producing 150 pairs of jeans a week. Because of the influx of orders, however, the company was forced to move to a bigger factory.

The world will continue to keep a close eye on Meghan Markle’s style picks. Every time she faces the public, the tabloids, websites, and other media outlets will publish stories on her outfits alone. The Duchess has become a mega-influencer in the fashion world, whether she realizes it or not. It’s hard to say whether she has more influence on fashion than other celebrities, but it’s safe to state that between her and Prince Harry, Markle has more promotional power. 


Written by: Annie Andrews for